Department of Management & Marketing

The Department of Management and Marketing offers majors in business data analytics, management and marketing and business education. Decision making as a process is stressed. Students are taught to search for and identify important facts and properly analyze them in developing sound alternative courses of action. Modern analytical techniques as well as the importance of the behavioral sciences are introduced.

The management and marketing major is designed generally to prepare students for careers as professional managers or as self-employed entrepreneurs in either profit-seeking or not-for-profit organizations. The curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of business principles and economic activities. The required course of study seeks to prepare the graduate not only for initial employment but for subsequent advancement in his/her chosen vocation. Effective education for business responsibility consists not only of the development of an understanding of the principles and methodologies which govern the organization and administration of the individual business enterprise, but also includes an understanding of larger problems and relationships of the economy as a whole.

Specific objectives of the program are to provide students who select the management and marketing major with the following abilities:

  1. Effectively apply technology as a problem-solving tool in management and marketing contexts.
  2. Critically evaluate management and marketing problems.
  3. Identify and evaluate ethical issues related to management and marketing problems.
  4. Effectively communicate.
  5. Proficiency in the foundation principles of management and marketing.

Contact Information

Dr. Stephen Jones, Associate Dean

Rothwell Hall, Room 441
(479) 968-0673


Linda Bean, Stephen JonesKevin Mason, Kim Troboy, Jack Tucci

Associate Professors

Loretta Cochran, Efosa IdemudiaJames Walton

Assistant Professors

Alice Batch,  Zhi Tao


Wayne Williams


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