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Arkansas Tech University         2002-2003 Undergraduate Course Catalog

School of Liberal and Fine Arts

Dr. Georgena Duncan, Dean
Witherspoon Hall, Room 240
(479) 9680274
Fax: (479) 964-0812

The School of Liberal and Fine Arts comprises seven departments which offer programs of study leading to baccalaureate and associate degrees as listed below:

Bachelor of Arts


Art Education


English Education

Foreign Language

Foreign Language Education

General Studies

History and Political Science

History Education

International Studies




Rehabilitation Science



Speech Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Education

Bachelor of Music Education

Associate of Arts

General Studies

The school also supervises pre-professional curricula in law and is extensively involved in the general education program.

Through these degree and pre-professional curricula, the departments in the School of Liberal and Fine Arts prepare graduates for a variety of challenging and rewarding careers, either directly or via continued graduate or professional studies. These curricula are designed not only to develop theoretical and technical expertise in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences, but also to nurture the ability to think clearly and express ideas persuasively. Through its general education commitment and elective offerings, the school's faculty contributes to the broadening of the knowledge and experience of all graduates of Arkansas Tech University by promoting basic competence in communication skills, by fostering an appreciation and understanding of our cultural heritage and current world affairs, and by developing problemsolving techniques.

Associate of Arts in General Studies

The associate of arts degree program in general studies is designed primarily for continuing education students who enroll on a parttime basis in the University's evening school. This degree offers students the background,

knowledge, and academic preparation necessary to pursue career opportunities not requiring the traditional fouryear degree while at the same time providing the foundation for continued study toward a bachelor's degree.

To qualify for the associate of arts in general studies, the student must satisfy the associate degree requirements, see "Associate Degrees" on page�80 of this catalog and complete the following curriculum:


General Education courses1






1See "General Education Requirements" on page�82.

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is designed primarily for students who wish a broad liberal arts degree, without a concentration in a discipline or preparation for a particular profession. The degree also suits students wishing to pursue a 4 year baccalaureate in order to obtain an education which will furnish them with good writing, analytical and/or speaking skills. The degree will furnish background for employment in a variety of business, governmental, and managerial careers. General Studies requires completion of the General Education courses, a general core of classes, with the addition of two emphasis blocks. Once the student has selected emphasis areas an advisor in one of the emphasis areas will be assigned to the student.

The Bachelor degree in General Studies requires completion of 124 hours. In addition to completion of General Education hours, a student must complete two emphasis blocks, 12 hours in upper level Liberal Arts courses, 6 hours in computer/technology courses, and 29-39 hours of electives.
Curriculum in General Studies

Freshman Year


English Composition (ENGL 1013,1023)1


Social Studies1


Science (BIOL 1014, PHSC 1013,1021)1


Algebra for General Education (MATH 1103 or 1113)1


Physical Activity1


Electives or Emphasis Block courses




Sophomore Year

Social Studies1


Humanities/Fine Arts1




General Studies Emphasis Block Courses






Junior Year

General Studies Emphasis Block Courses


Upper level Liberal Arts (3000-4000 level)






Senior Year

Any Additional needed General Studies Emphasis Block Courses


Upper level Liberal Arts (3000-4000 level)






1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General Education Requirements" on page�82.

2At least 40 of the total hours required for graduation must be 3000-4000 level courses, no more than 27 hours of electives towards the degree may be taken from the School of Business.

Emphasis blocks are as follows:

Anthropology: 12 hours

Take: ANTH 1213 and 2003 and 6 hours from the following: ANTH 3203, 3223, 3243, 4403, or 4993.

History/Philosophy: 18 hours

9 hours required in Philosophy and 9 hours required in 3000-4000 level European History or 3000-4000 level American History.

Foreign Language: 15-16 hours

Any catalogue sequence of 4 foreign languages numbered 1014, 1024, 2014, and 2024 in the same foreign language, for a total of 16 hours. If the student begins the foreign language block on a more advanced level, the student must take 15 hours of the same foreign languages, excluding FR/GER/SPAN 3023.

Social Studies: 18 hours

3 hours required in 3000-4000 level Geography, 3000-4000 level Philosophy, 3000-4000 level Political Science, 3000-4000 level History, and a 6 hour upper level concentration from the following areas: History, Geography, Philosophy, or Political Science.

Fine Arts: 18 hours

Take: ART 1303, 2303, 2503, 2703, 3603, or 3533, and 3 hours electives in 3000-4000 level Art History.

Graphic Design: 18 hours

Take: ART 1203, 1303, 2203, 2403, 3213, and 3 hours electives in 3000-4000 level Art History.

Psychology (Applied Human Services):18 hours

Take: PSY 2003, 2053, and 12 hours from the following: PSY 2033, 3003, 3063, 3153, 3163, 4043, or PSY/SOC 3013.

Psychology (Industrial/Organizational): 19 hours

Take: PSY 2003, 2053, 2074 and 9 hours from the following: PSY 2023, 3093, 4033, 4043, or 4234.

Sociology: 15 hours

Take: SOC 1003, 2013, and 2083 and 6 hours from the following: SOC/PSY 3013, SOC 3023, 3063, 3093, 3113, 3173, 4003, 4053, or 4063.

*Rehabilitation Science: 16 hours

Take: RS 2003, 3004, 3013, 3023, and 3073.

*Completion of block is not the equivalent to completion of a major in Rehabilitation Science.

Criminal Justice: 12 hours

Take: CJ/SOC 2003 and 9 hours from the following: CJ/POLS 3023, CJ/SOC 3043, CJ/RS 3063, CJ/SOC 3103, or CJ/SOC 3153.

English as a Second Language: 15 hours

Take: ENGL 4023, 4703, 4713, and 4723 and 3 hours from the following: ENGL 3013, 3023, or 4013.

Public Relations: 15 hours

Take: SPH 3033, 4153, JOUR 3173, 4173 and COMS 2003.

Communication: 18 hours

Take: SPH 2003, 3003, 3073, 3123, 4003, and JOUR 2133.

Information Technology: 18 hours

Take: COMS 1333, 1403, 2003, 2233, 2703, and 3 hours of electives in Computer Science.

Early Childhood Education: 15 hours

Take: ECED 2001, 2002, 3013, 3023, 3033, and MATH 2033.

Writing: 18 hours

18 hours from the following: ENGL 2043, 2053, 2513, 3013, 3043, 3083, *3093, *4093, **JOUR 2143, JOUR 3153, or ***BUAD 3023.

*Prerequisite: ENGL 2043

**Prerequisite: ENGL 3083 or ENGL 3093

***Prerequisite: BUAD 2003

Literature: 18 hours

18 hours required from the following: 3 hours required from each of the 3 concentration areas:

American Literature and Folklore: AMST 2003, ENGL 2013, 3303, 3313, 3323, *4213, or *4383.

British and World Literature: ENGL 2003, 3413, 3423, *4283, *4443, *4453, *4463, or *4483.

Genre and Theme: ENGL 2183, 2213, 2223, 2263, 2283, 2293, 3203, 3213, *4233, or *4683.

*Prerequisite: ENGL 2513

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