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The Virtual Learning Center (VLC) is designed to allow students to participate in higher education at times and places that are conducive to their work and personal schedules. Courses are delivered in various forms, including the World Wide Web, compressed interactive video, and video tape. Course calendars for the VLC run concurrently with the regular course schedules. Students taking online-web based courses should have computer and Internet access. Students can obtain a full credit for the courses they take. In addition, the student may obtain a large portion of his or her degree program through the Virtual Learning Center.

Students may apply for admission and registration through the University's web site or by visiting the Tech campus.

Students have the option of taking one or more telecourses each semester throught the Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN) and in cooperation with the Public Broadcast System (PBS). No differentiation is made between telecourses and traditional courses on the student's transcript. The telecourses are listed on each semester's schedule along withe the equivalent course offering. A nonrefundable fee will be assesssed for each telecourse, and this fee is in addition to the regular tuition and fees assigned. The courses will be subject to all other guidelines as listed in the catalog regarding the refund of tuition. Information regarding the telecourses may be directed to John Gale, Director of the Virtual Learning Center, Tomlinson Hall, or by visiting the University's web site.