Board of Trustees

Charles Blanchard, Russellville
Stephanie Duffield, Russellville
Eric Burnett, Fort Smith
Tom Kennedy, Little Rock
Fritz Kronberger, Russellville

Administrative Officers

Robin E. Bowen, 2014, President
B.S., University of Kansas, 1982
M.Ed., University of Arkansas, 1983
Ed.D., Texas Tech University, 1988

Phillip Bridgmon, 2017, Vice President for Academic Affairs
B.S., University of North Alabama, 1996;
M.S., University of Alabama, 1997;
Ph.D., University of Alabama, 2002.

Bernadette Hinkle, 2016, Vice President for Administration and Finance
B.S., University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, 1986
M.B.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 1999

Bryan Fisher, 2011, Vice President for Advancement
B.S., Arkansas Tech University, 1999

C. Blake Bedsole, 2018, Vice President for Enrollment Management 
B.S., University of Alabama, 2003
M.A., University of Alabama, 2006
Ed.D., University of Georgia, 2013

Keegan Nichols, 2017, Vice President for Student Services
B.S.E., University of Central Arkansas, 2001
M.S., University of Central Missouri, 2003
Ed.D., Northern Illinois University, 2010

Administrative Staff

Carol Adkison, Associate Director of Information Systems for Administrative Systems
KarenAlexander, Coordinator of Grants Management
Sabrina Anwar, International and Multicultural Student Services Administrative Specialist
Jan Apple, Articulation Coordinator
Brett Arrington, Institutional Research Associate
Sara Bailey, Grant Coordinator, Office of Sponsored Programs and University Initiatives
Sabrina Billey, Area Coordinator for Residence Life
Brandye Bisek, Director of Health Services
Jessica Brock
, Director of Admissions
Sarah Burnett, Director of STEM Collaborative
Jenny Butler
, Assistant Director for Campus Life
Luke Calcatera
, Head Coach of Men's Golf, Intramural Grounds, and Athletic Promotions
Heather Campbell
, Registered Nurse
Cass Capen-Housley
, Event Coordinator for Hospitality Administration
Sandra Cheffer
, Director of Budget
Liz Chrisman
, Director of Photography
Pat Chronister
, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Sara Chronister
, International Immigration Specialist
Lisa Clark
, Director of Online Partnership and Military Outreach
Fred W. Clayton,
Director of Administrative Services
Brandi Collins,
Licensing Coordinator
Pam Cooper,
Director of Prospect Research Development
Will Cooper,
Student Development Specialist of Student Success
Greg Crouch,
Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs Pre-Award
Jana Crouch,
Associate Director for Enrollment
Angela Crow,
Director of Student Accounts
Kelly Davis,
Director of Alumni Relations
Kristy Davis,
Associate Dean of Student Wellness
Shawna Davis,
Target School Liaison, Upward Bound Program
Jordan Denton,
Assessment Specialist
Melanie Diffey,
Academic/Student Support Counselor and Career Planning & Placement
Tim Diffey,
Academic Advisor
Brent Drake,
Director of Advancement Services
Dauson Duncan,
Visit Day Coordinator
Brandi Duvall,
Assistant Registrar
Nichole Edwards,
Student Support Services Advisor
Katherine Ehemann,
Associate Controller
Andrea Eubanks, Academic Services Coordinator
Elishia Fairfield,
Director of Student Learning Resources
Peggy Ferris,
Director of Planned Giving
Bryan Fisher,
Associate Vice President of Development
Tommy Fields,
Assistant Dean of Students for Residence Life
Jennifer Fleming,
Coordinator of Affirmative Action & Title IX
Bob Freeman,
Director of Human Resources
Eli Fuentez,
Academic Advisor
Delton Gordon, Associate Dean for Residence Life
Brandie Griffin,
Associate Director of Undergraduate Recruitment
Mary B. Gunter,
Chief of Staff
Jamison Hall,
Associate Registrar
Luke Hams, Area Coordinator for Residence Life
Jill Hendricks,
Project Director of Upward Bound Math/Science
Connie Herring,
Assistant Registrar
Jessica Holloway,
Project Program Manager of Procurement & Risk Management Services
Aubrey Holt,
Associate Dean for Campus Life
Melissa Hubbard,
Coordinator of Camps and Conferences
Samantha Huggins,
Academic Advisor
Carolyn Ishee,
Major Gifts Officer
Weiwei Ji,
Instructional Design Specialist
Amanda Johnson,
Employer Relations Coordinator
Kara Johnson,
Coordinator of Leadership and Service
Jayne Jones,
Coordinator of Special Events
Courtney Kline,
Academic Advisor
Cara Knight,
Academic Advisor
Brian Lasey,
Director of Physical Plant
Angela Lasiter,
Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Marika Lederman,
Director of Academic Advisement & Retention
Ashlee Leavell,
Academic/Student Support Counselor for Testing & Disability Services
Alex Manly,
Director of Technology Learning Resources
Ricky L. Massengale, Sr.,
Associate Vice President for Sponsored Programs & University Initiatives
Suzanne McCall, Controller
Joshua McMillian,
Assistant Dean of Students, Public Safety
Steve Milligan,
Associate Director of Information Systems for Networked Systems
Mark Mitchell,
Instructional Design Specialist
Clay Moore,
Student Development Specialist, Student Services
Megan Morris,
Academic Advisor
Theresa Motley,
Associate Director of Information Systems for Support Services
Steve Mullins,
Director of Athletics
Susie Nicholson,
NCAA Compliance Officer/Assistant Affirmative Action Officer
Marsha Oels,
Coordinator of Veteran Services
Yasushi Onodera,
Director of International and Multicultural Student Services
Laura Palmer, Coordinator of Marketing and Assignments for Residence Life
Alan Parsons,
Academic Advisor, Veteran's Upward Bound
Tanda Patrick,
Assistant Registrar
James Peck,
Director of the ATU Museum
Amy Pennington,
Dean of Students
Thomas Pennington,
Associate Vice President and Counsel to the President
Carrie Phillips,
Director of New Media
Samantha Piechocinski,
Area Coordinator for Residence Life
Karen Pittman,
Director of Testing
Courtney Pratt,
College of Business Coordinator for Student Engagement
Rebecca Reeves,
Business Manager, Budget Office
Karen Riddell,
Coordinator of Academic Support Services
Daniel Riedmueller,
Academic Advisor
Lindsey Riedmueller,
Student Support Services Advisor
Mike Rivas,
Assistant Director for Admissions, International and Multicultural Student Services
Niki Schwartz,
Director of Student Aid
Alexis Scrimshire,
Associate Registrar
Kerry Shannon,
Coordinator of Campus Recreation
Alison Sims,
Academic Advisor, Veteran's Upward Bound
Paul Smith,
Associate Director of Athletics/Sports Information Director
Kevin Solomon,
Associate Dean for Residence Life
Brooke Southard,
Director of Payroll
Michael Stoker,
Senior Web Developer
Thomas Strahan, Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Crystal Storment,
Assistant Registrar
Heather Strasner,
HE Institution Program Coordinator
Sam Strasner,
Director of University Relations
Alison Taylor,
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Ryan Taylor,
Video Production Manager
Kerri Threlkeld,
Associate Director for Admissions Operations
Scott Tomlin,
Assistant Director for Academic Advising
Bruce Trefney,
Lake Point Manager
Brandi Tripp,
Senior Associate Registrar
Liz Underwood,
Coordinator of Creative Services
Caroline Vining,
Director of Annual Giving Development Office
Alisa Waniewski,
Associate Director for Academic Scholarships
Jason Warnick,
Assistant Vice President for Student Success
Jennifer Warren,
Assistant Director of Procurement
Wyatt Watson,
Director of Institutional Research
Felisha Weaver,
Director of Publications and Creative Services in University Relations
Tammy Weaver,
Holli Weiss,
Director of Testing & Disability Services
Kenneth D. Wester,
Director of Information Systems
David Wilbers,
Academic Advisor
Kristie Wilson,
Director of Veteran's Upward Bound
Lori Wineland,
Director of Student Support Services
Clay Wyllia,
Coordinator of Alumni Engagement

Academic Administration

College of Arts and Humanities

Jeffrey R. Woods, Dean
Summer Bruch, Head, Art Department
David Ward, Head, Behavioral Sciences Department
Anthony Caton, Head, Communication and Journalism Department
Carl W. Brucker, Head, English and World Languages Department
David Blanks, Head, History and Political Science Department
Jeff Bright, Head, Music Department

College of Business

Lisa Toms, Dean
Tracy Cole, Head, Department of Accounting and Economics
Kim Troboy, Head, Department of Management and Marketing

College of Education

Linda Bean, Dean
Tim Carter, Associate Dean, College of Education
Rockie Pederson, Head, Health & Physical Education Department
Shellie Hanna, Head, Curriculum and Instruction Department
John Freeman, Head, Center for Leadership & Learning and Ph.D. Program
Alaric Williams, Head, College Student Personnel Program
David Bell, Director, Educator Licensure and Support Services

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Judy Cezeaux, Dean
Pat Buford, Associate Dean, Engineering & Applied Sciences
Malcolm Rainey, Head, Agriculture Department
Luay Wahsheh, Head, Computer & Information Science Department
Carl Greco, Head, Electrical Engineering
Sandra Smith, Head, Emergency Management Department
John Krohn, Head, Mechanical Engineering
Cathi McMahan, Head, Parks, Recreation and Hospitality Administration Department

College of eTech

Jeff Aulgur, Dean, College of eTech and Head, Professional Studies Department

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Jeff W. Robertson, Dean
John Jackson, Head, Biological Sciences Department
Jeanine L. Myers, Head, Mathematics Department
Rebecca Burris, Head, Nursing Department
Jason Patton, Head, Physical Sciences Department

Graduate College

Jeff W. Robertson, Dean